We want to help more people hear better

Too many people around the world live with untreated hearing loss. In fact, it is the world’s third most common health problem. We want to change this, and we have made it our vision to help more people hear better.


Hearing care is health care

Four hundred and sixty-six million people, or 5% of the world’s population. That’s the number of people living with disabling hearing loss, according to the WHO. Still, hearing loss is often neglected on the health care agenda.

At Audika Group, we’re compelled to fight to change this. Because our hearing connects us in more ways than we realise; without it, we lose touch with those around us, and they lose touch with us. A hearing loss is also a loss in quality of life. here.

We work to address the issue in our everyday work and through larger initiatives, such as the Campaign for Better Hearing. On all accounts, we seek to promote the notion that hearing care is health care.

As you lose your hearing, you experience increased cognitive workload. This can change your brain as it tries to compensate, which in turn may change your behavior. Research shows that it can lead to depression, dementia, and accelerated cognitive decline. Luckily, early detection of a hearing loss can help reduce these harmful effects.

Helping more people hear better

Meet two of the people we have been able to hear better.

Meet Trevor

“With my hearing aids on, I feel like a new man and when I take them off, the world goes quiet”.


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Meet Paola

“It is like this whole kind of lid gets lifted, and you actually hear everything”.

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Campaign for Better Hearing

To help more people hear better, we sponsor the International Campaign for Better Hearing. The initiative seeks to push hearing up the healthcare agenda worldwide, so more people can hear better.

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