We want to help more people hear better

Nuance by nuance, a hearing loss will change a person’s life. That’s why we think of hearing care as health care and of hearing loss as the world’s most common health issue. Our vision is to help more people hear better. We do not believe in quick fixes or one-size-fits-all. And we never compromise.


Hearing care is health care

As you lose your hearing, you experience increased cognitive workload. This can change your brain as it tries to compensate, which in turn may change your behavior. Research shows that it can lead to depression, dementia and an accelerated cognitive decline. Luckily, early detection of a hearing loss can help reduce these negative effects.

Unfortunately, hearing loss is often neglected on the health care agenda even though the prevalence of hearing loss is growing. According to WHO, over 5% of the world’s population - 466 million people - have disabling hearing loss. WHO estimates that by 2050 over 900 million people - or one in every ten people - will have disabling hearing loss. Read WHO's research here.

We want to change this. At Audika, we are committed to address the issue in our everyday work and through larger initiatives, such as Campaign for Better Hearing. In short, we work to promote the notion that hearing care is health care.

Helping more people hear better

Meet two of the people we have been able to hear better.

Meet Trevor

“With my hearing aids on, I feel like a new man and when I take them off, the world goes quiet”.


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Meet Paola

“It is like this whole kind of lid gets lifted, and you actually hear everything”.

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