Become a life-changer

Making a difference while you make a living – that’s one of the perks of working with us. Because as part of the Audika Group team, you deliver life-changing hearing care.

Our way of life

What’s it like working at Audika Group? The answer is first and foremost shaped by our vision: To help more people hear better, and to always put the individual first. This sets the course for our way of life.

We do not believe in quick fixes and one-size-fits-all concepts. Rather, we pay close attention to every client’s specific needs. We focus not only on our clients’ ears but also their wants, needs and motivation — we help them to help themselves.

We do not compromise. From the very first time a client calls or visits, we offer a competent care. We embrace the latest and best technology to make life easier for our clients. And we do our utmost to ensure that every person reaches his or her full hearing potential.

Our team of hearing care experts

At Audika Group, our team consists of audiologists, managers, front desk personnel, call center staff and many more, all dedicated to helping more people hear better.

We strive to put hearing care on the health care agenda and to improve the quality of life of people living with hearing loss. As a part of Audika Group, you will join this effort to help more people hear better.

Meet our people and hear how they help more people hear better.

  • audikacom-video-screenshots-412x274-tallal

    Meet Tallal 

    “In this job you can be yourself, and you can continue to develop and grow. It gives you the rare opportunity to have a positive impact on someone's life”.


    Tallal is working as an audiologist in one of our clinics in the UK.

  • audikacom-video-screenshots-412x274-angelika

    Meet Angelika

    “I am in my element here - because my personality is reflected in my work. The most important thing is to help our clients”.


    Angelika is working as a receptionist in our clinic in Malmö, Sweden.

  • audikacom-video-screenshots-412x274-femke

    Meet Femke

    “I really enjoy the experience of giving back to people so that they can be social and live fulfilling lives.”


    Femke works as an audiologist at one of our clinics in Belgium.

  • audikacom-video-screenshots-412x274-sylvia

    Meet Sylvia

    “I decided to work for Audika because I love helping people. I love to see our patients’ satisfaction when they leave our office.”


    Sylvia works as an audio assistant at one of our clinics in Belgium.

  • audikacom-video-screenshots-412x274-alvaro

    Meet Alvaro

    “It’s thrilling to have the chance to help someone hear better. I come out of such a consultation feeling very motivated.”


    Alvaro is an audiologist at one of our clinics in Spain.

  • audikacom-video-screenshots-412x274-sebastian

    Meet Sébastian

    “After being fitted with hearing aids, one patient called me, in tears, saying “Thank you. You changed my life.”


    Sebastian is an audiologist at one of our clinics in Switzerland.

  • audikacom-video-screenshots-412x274-emilmaria

    Meet Emil and Maria

    “Our primary goal is to make people feel confident from start to finish.”


    Both Emil and Maria work for our Audika clinic in Denmark. Emil is an audiologist, and Maria is a customer coordinator.

  • audikacom-video-screenshots-412x274-mara

    Meet Mara

    “I work to find the best solutions to ensure our customers are satisfied.”


    Mara is a team leader at one of our contact centres in Italy.

  • audikacom-video-screenshots-412x274-simona2

    Meet Simona

    “I certainly try to ensure that every customer can benefit from my professional capabilities, as well as from me as a person.”


    Simona works as an audiologist at one of our clinics in Italy.

  • audikacom-video-screenshots-wendy-412x274

    Meet Wendy

    “It’s rewarding to see a client’s world instantly open up again after we fit them with a hearing aid.”


    Wendy is a client service officer for one of our clinics in New Zealand.

  • audikacom-video-screenshots-ben-412x274

    Meet Ben

    “I never get tired of that moment where I switch on a patient’s hearing aid or cochlear implant for the first time; those are life-changing moments.”


    Ben is a clinician for one of our clinics in New Zealand.

  • audikacom-video-screenshots-imogen-412x274

    Meet Imogen

    “Audika provides the balance of having a close-knit ‘local’ family atmosphere as well as the support of being part of a larger, global family.”


    Imogen is a clinician for one of our clinics in Australia.

  • audikacom-video-screenshots-joanne-412x274

    Meet Joanne

    “It’s a warming feeling to know that we are actually helping people for the better.”


    Joanne is a client service officer for one of our clinics in Australia.

  • audikacom-video-screenshots-emilia-412x274

    Meet Emilia

    “We have many opportunities and support from management. There are plenty of opportunities to develop and grow.”


    Emilia is an assistant management accountant for one of our clinics in the UK.

  • audikacom-video-screenshots-luis-412x274

    Meet Luis

    “My greatest accomplishment is seeing a smile on the faces of those we can effectively help.”


    Luis is an audiologist at one of our clinics in Portugal.

  • audikacom-video-screenshots-aj-412x274

    Meet AJ

    “The best thing about my job would have to be the people I work with. They’re all fantastic people to be working around, and it’s a very inclusive place to work.”


    AJ is a telemarketing assistant for one of our clinics in Ireland.

  • audikacom-video-screenshots-yvonne-412x274

    Meet Yvonne

    “Our work matters to people. It makes a difference to their life. It’s very rewarding to be a part of that experience and to share that trust with somebody.”


    Yvonne is an audiologist for one of our clinics in Ireland.

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