Hearing care experts

At Audika Group it is our firm belief that we have the most competent hearing care people, all highly specialised and dedicated with both heart and mind to help more people hear better. That’s why we call ourselves the hearing care experts.

Nuance matters

Just because you have heard one bird sing, doesn’t mean you have heard them all. The difference may only be a matter of nuance, but that is exactly why we believe nuances make life worth living. They make every little moment unique. For the same reason, a hearing loss is never just a hearing loss. It is a loss in quality of life.

Hearing care has to be individual, because hearing is individual, and because helping people begins with understanding and empowering the individual. That is why it is important that we put the individual first and make an effort to understand every single customer’s life and hearing and how we can enable them to get more out of their life.

The respect for the individual nuances is the most important value we can contribute to as hearing care experts. Every one of our solutions is as unique as the people we meet. Our personalised hearing care approach and expertise guides us to realise our customers’ full hearing potential and make us stand out in the market.


How we help people hear better

To deliver solutions that are as unique as the people we meet, we put the individual first. Our approach is centered on personalised hearing care and through one-to-one consultation, we cover all the individual nuances of your hearing, and your life.


  • Psychological nuances
    We discuss lifestyle, personality and motivation to understand who you are and what you need.

  • Audiological nuances
    We evaluate your hearing through an examination of your ears and so called pure-tone air audiometry, pure-tone bone audiometry and masking. 

  • Cognitive nuances
    We evaluate how you perceive different types of sounds through speech audiometry and word recognition.

  • Subjective nuances
    We identify your personal preferences for sound, comfort, fitting, hearing aid style, features and accessories — and we discuss personal wants and goals.


Campaign for better hearing

To help more people hear better, we sponsor the International Campaign for Better Hearing. The initiative seeks to push hearing up the healthcare agenda worldwide, so more people can hear better.

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